The Simpson County Animal Shelter, like many small municipal shelters across the country, is crowded and noisy.  Our shelter isn’t beautiful nor spacious, but a lot of loving work gets done for the abandoned, stray and unwanted pet population here in Franklin. With the work of employees and volunteers at the shelter and with some amazing support of the community, our shelter is increasingly rebranding itself as an adoption center.  One hash-tagged comment we’ve been seeing in the past months on our Facebook page, that we are now using as our tagline, is #thelittleshelterthatdoes.  We are proud of that because every single person who is involved with the shelter truly does care and works hard to ensure that the animals are adopted or assisted by a foster-adopt rescue group.  The shelter is getting things done and we always strive to do more. 

A major challenge was that the shelter did not have enough space for our dogs to be seen and visited with comfortably.  We needed space to work with and socialize the dogs on a regular basis and a safe, comfortable space for adoption Meet & Greets.  We changed that. The Friends of the Shelter fundraised so that a covered structure could be built adjacent to the shelter that we call The Petio. The Petio was completed in September, 2022.

Come visit our dogs in the comfort of the Petio. We are open to the public for visits Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM.